Monday, September 25, 2006

Yoke Heng @ Seri Kembangan

Usually I don't like food with thick soup (e.g. loh mee)... but somehow, I like this version of Claypot Loh Shu Fun. Knew this shop when I worked at TPM few years ago, colleagues normally had lunch here during hot afternoon and we used to call it "Wong Gam Chi" rather than "Yoke Heng", because that's the owner name printed on their name card.

I believed the most important ingredient that makes this dish delicious is... 猪油渣 (Lard?)! You can either order this as your main course, or as a side dish to eat like "shark fin soup"... that's what the boss always said.

Some other food we ordered for dinner: Kong Bou "pissing shrimp" (濑尿虾) and Jiu Pai Tau Fu (all food plus drinks = RM28.40), but both were just so so... If you ask recommendation from the boss, usually she will recommend the "Sing Gua" Tau Fu and Pork Ribs, which are quite good to me.

Brought some friends here few times... so far the comment still good, so do give it a try next time if you drop by this area.

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(address from wAntAn productions)
Yoke Heng Restaurant,
No. 33, Jalan SR 8/4,
Taman Putra Indah,
Serdang Raya,
43300 Seri Kembangan.

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babe_kl said...

i lurved the loh shue fun here. very hearty. hvnt blog about it cos my pics turned out horribly small haha thanks to my boiboi

Bernard said...

D restaurant at d corner is not Tai Thong but East of Highway. Was there again last week but I must say apart from lou shu fan, d other dishes quality seems to b not as good anymore. Btw, if u hv time, try those new eateries around Jusco Equine especially "Kao Kao Chan" yong tao fu. Very fresh and price is very reasonable at 80cent per piece. It has bcome d hottest spot for those working in Cyberjaya desert.

whistler said...

after tried the loh shu fun fews time, I don't feel like liking it, can't remember why, just don't craving of it.

Meiyen said... you have a nice food blog! ;)

tekko said...

babe_kl : you still can blog about it without any picture :)

bernard : thanks! is the "kao kao chan" open at nite?

whistler : same food can be boring sometimes, but so far I haven't find similar loh shu fun with better quality yet.

meiyen : thanks, you too.

Bernard said...

Not sure whether Kao Kao Chan open at night since I normally go during lunch. I will ask d taukesoh on my next visit.

tekko said...

bernard : Thanks!