Tuesday, July 04, 2006

100 Coffee Shop

Wanna have a kopi?

This is one of the coffee shop that I usually visit, 100 (One Hundred) Coffee Shop located at Puchong Jaya. As I mentioned before... there are quite a lot of kopitiam outside, but this one has a bit different as compare to them. They operate like a normal Chinese coffee shop, selling plenty of noodle choices, mix rice, fruits, toast etc, but what recommended by MF was their coffee. 100 Coffee Shop served white coffee from Ipoh also, but not the famous brand from Old Town, this one is Chang Jiang white coffee.

I've stayed in Pasir Putih, Ipoh before... for about a year and that's the time I get to know about Chang Jiang white coffee because its coffee powder shop just along the road I passed by everyday. If you like Ipoh white coffee also... come here and gives this a try!

This is my usual breakfast set, toast and half-boiled eggs (sorry for blur photo). They don't serve omega eggs like other "modern" kopitiam, this is not too "kampung" eggs, but already taste good enough.

Have quite good appetite today... :p. Ordered another curry Chee Cheong Fun to fill up the empty spaces. If you like curry noodles and CCF, you will definitely love this.

Location: Near to HSBC Puchong

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boo_licious said...

Yum! Looks good. Only problem I face with that part of Puchong is parking.

kokwai said...

Parking is absolutely easy on that part of Puchong, worst case would be to park opposite the main road, still within walking distance :P

Anyway, no rating on the coffee? Is it as good as Ipoh Chang Jiang ar? :)

tekko said...

boo_licious : Park right in front of this shop is a bit hard, but further down or up a bit is quite easy to get parking.

kokwai : they are serving Chang Jiang anyway, definitely better than I buy the powder and make the coffee myself. :p

Tummythoz said...

Long time no had curry CCFun. Pix makes me drool!

tekko said...

tummythoz : you need to give this a try then.

littleguykitchen said...

wow nice foods esp the breakfast set which was my fav. But puchong is too far for me. if you had adobe photoshop, you can sharpen your images. I'd be glad to do it for you.

tekko said...

littleguykitchen : I'm using GIMP... but not intend to sharpen my image, can only blame my phone and my skill.