Monday, March 20, 2006

Portugese Grilled Fish @ Petaling Street

[Friday, March 17, 2006] Friday night, after delivered the Sky*** project, me and SG went to Petaling Street to check her mum's summon. Need to find something for dinner tonight... initially thinking to join PasanKia + friends for dinner at Bangkok Jam, but damn, SG's meeting held her back till 8pm++, what to do... End up, I decided to try the Portugese Grilled Fish (heard a lot about it already, but since I can't really take spicy food, so never try before).

Why I post the sugarcane here? Because when the waitress send me my sugarcane, she convinces me to order a second one, at that moment, I'm still blur blur why she says so... but once I start to eat the food... whooo... fire... I'm on fire!


I've ordered Grill Fish (stingray) and Sotong, wanted to order the LaLa as well... but don't think I can finish all. The Grill Fish is a lot better than the Sotong, but both also damn spicy...


All foods + 2 sugarcanes + 2 rice = RM18++.


boo_licious said...

Yeah, I heard it's really spicy hence I have not wandered there to try it out.

J said...

Hmmm... if Petaling Street is too far away for you then yo to the Midvalley Food Court (the one in the middle) and try the Portugese Grilled Fish there (it's the fist stall on the left when you walk in)...

I know, I know.. You're thinking: "Haaarrr... food court? Nice or not?"

Surprisingly, the taste is very similar to the Petaling Street one.
It's definately not as good tho... but well, it's not bad la.

tekko said...

Well... I really seldom blog about food court stall... will try it, thanks J!

Kay said...

Yeah, I have tried it many times and it taste good... and better enjoyed by those who loves spicy food:D