Saturday, February 11, 2006

Starhill Gallery Relish Floor - Jogoya

Heard that a famous Japanese buffet, Jogoya has opened a new outlet at Starhill Gallery, so today we (me, SG, PasanKia, TY) decided to give it a try (priced at RM78 for dinner during promotion period, RM88 normal price). (2-march-06, read post here)
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Just as its website said, "the concept of flow, new dining experiences of the modern Oriental". The environment is great, first glance everything seems exciting, but once I started to hunt for food... disappointed. The food is not as great as what you can see at here, nor the taste also... surprisingly, salty. Luckily the coconut drink here is cute and "handy", taste not bad (PasanKia
love that, from size to taste... I think)

Too bad, tonite I forgot to take any picture... dun ask me why. Is the food or the environment charmed me? I guess... the only thing attracted most, girls and girls and girls... walking here and there. :D

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